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Forget Dust Sheets with the award winning Sticky Shield Carpet Protection Film

Unveiling the Magic of Sticky Shield: Revolutionizing Surface Protection with Self-Adhesive Films

Indigo Industrial Supplies Limited presents an award-winning innovation: Sticky Shield, a remarkable range of self-adhesive protection films designed for floors, carpets, hard surfaces, and windows.

Imagine a world where construction or renovation projects no longer leave behind a trail of dust-covered chaos. A world where precious surfaces remain unscathed amidst the chaos of building work, shielding themselves from damage and spilled paint. Welcome to the realm of Sticky Shield where protection meets elegance.

The Evolution of Surface Protection: Say Goodbye to Dust Sheets

Traditional methods of surface protection often involve cumbersome dust sheets that barely offer adequate defense against mess and mayhem. But fear not! Sticky Shield has arrived to revolutionize your experience with its ingenious self-adhesive films.

Unleashing the Magic: Stick Anywhere, Protect Everywhere

Sticky Shield boasts an extraordinary ability to adhere effortlessly to virtually any surface. Whether it's hardwood floors, plush carpets, delicate windows, or robust hard surfaces our self-adhesive protection film is up to the challenge. With Sticky Shield in place, you can bid farewell to unsightly spills and scratches that haunt your dreams.

A Symphony of Convenience: Easy Application & Removal

Applying Sticky Shield is as effortless as conducting an orchestra. Simply peel off the protective backing and gently press it onto the desired surface. Its smooth adhesion ensures a seamless application every time without leaving behind any sticky residue or blemishes.

But wait... there's more! When your project reaches its triumphant conclusion, removing Sticky Shield reveals a pristine, untouched surface underneath. No costly clean-ups or replacing customers' cherished flooring just sheer convenience at your fingertips.

Introducing Our Vast Range of Temporary Floor Protection Materials

At Indigo Industrial Supplies Limited, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive collection of temporary floor protection materials. Alongside the ground-breaking Sticky Shield, we present to you the fantastic Correx corrugated plastic, also known as Antinox Twinwall.

The Majestic Correx: A Guardian for Your Floors

Correx corrugated plastic, a name synonymous with durability and reliability, stands tall as the go-to choice for protecting your floors during construction endeavours. Its robust construction guarantees defence against heavy foot traffic, dropped tools, and accidental spills that could otherwise wreak havoc on vulnerable surfaces.

Embrace the elegance of this twin-walled marvel an ingenious creation that combines strength and flexibility in equal measure. With its lightweight design and effortless installation, Correx corrugated plastic becomes your trusted ally in preserving the beauty of your floors.

A Symphony of Choice: Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Need

At Indigo Industrial Supplies Limited, we understand that every project comes with unique requirements. That's why our range of temporary floor protection materials extends beyond Sticky Shield and Correx. From adhesive carpet films to breathable floor protection sheets, we have a solution crafted just for you.

Whether you are renovating a grand ballroom or giving life to a humble abode, our vast selection ensures that no surface is left unprotected. Unleash your creativity without fear of damage or disruption Indigo Industrial Supplies Limited has got you covered.

Elevate Your Construction Experience: Choose Sticky Shield

The world of construction may be filled with uncertainties and challenges, but protecting your surfaces shouldn't be one of them. Embrace Sticky Shield the epitome of elegance and functionality and bid farewell to messy clean-ups and costly replacements.

Indigo Industrial Supplies Limited proudly presents a game-changer in surface protection. With Sticky Shield by your side, you can embark on any building or renovation project with confidence. So go ahead unleash your creativity while preserving the beauty that lies beneath! carpet protection, floor protection, hard surface protection, protection films, carpet protector, floor protector, temporary floor protection

Choose Sticky Shield today and elevate your construction experience to new heights. Your surfaces deserve nothing less than the magic of self-adhesive protection films.

Article Posted: 26/10/2023 14:14:53

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